"When you smile I can feel all my passion unfolding. Your hand brushes mine and a thousand sensations seduce me."

once upon a time.

Cherish.es is an anime & manga collective by Shinju. It succeeded my previous domain, sakuchi.org, the Star-Cross'd Rhyme Organization (October 2007 - 2016). Cherish.es was registered on April 24, 2016 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAMAMOTO! ) and officially opened on January 4, 2017.

After almost a decade, I thought it was time to let go of sakuchi.org. It's something I've been meaning to do these past few years but never got around to doing so because of my attachment. I wanted something new and not fandom related. To the curious, sakuchi was the portmanteau of the first names of my crack!ship in Naruto: Sakura & Itachi, more commonly known as itasaku. It's not to be confused with my otp in the series, sasusaku. The former sounded nicer and was available.

In between my bouts of indecision, I registered chloie.org (March 2014 - 2017) and even briefly entertained the idea of having specific domains for characters and relationships just so I have a reason to keep sakuchi. Crazy, considering how oh so productive I am.

As much as I adore the name chloie (I've been in love with it since junior high ahhh~ ) and its ~perfection~ (its meaning, the sound, the number of letters — lol I can get pretty crazy about words/names) however, it still didn't feel like the one. I was still attracted to other possible domain names that I really shouldn't be entertaining. Temptations, tsk tsk. It's too bad and sad that it never launched. I know, I'm really bad. q~q /hit

Then came the .es domain extension and I discovered cherish's availability! I suppose it really was a blessing in disguise that someone beat me in registering cherish first (years ago, in a different language) even when I knew of its availability. Who knew my indecisiveness can come in handy? (Ok, I'll be honest: as much as I thought it was cute, the r at the end was bugging me a bit lot hence my hesitation. /hit) Cherish is one of the words I especially adore. You could say that I have a small obsession over it. Just a bit. It's a short, cute sounding word in English and the .es extension renders it as a domain hack that conjugates the verb! What's not to love???

And that's what it really boils down to — the subjects that (will) populate this home are ones that I hold dear, ones that touched me in one way or another. This tiny garden is where a good portion of my love will (hopefully) bloom. That and the idea of a "second" domain stemmed from the shipper in me, if sakuchi's set up wasn't obvious, haha. *Cue 98°'s I do (Cherish you)* If it's not perfect, then I don't know what is. *sobs* On a more superficial level, I really wanted a cute, one word, English domain that's separate from the main network and I finally got my wish years later.

I wanted to register cherish.es on March 14 (White Day) to fully "complement" snow-heart.net (February 14) but I was really worried about the requirements for the domain extension. (So can I register without being a citizen of Spain???) When White Day passed without any progress, I decided that in continuing the reason behind chloie — spring, I'd register cherish.es in spring, the season of "love." It just happened that the day I finally mustered the courage to go for it was also Yamamoto Takeshi's (KHR) birthday, my favorite baseball dorky butt, hehe.

sun-kissed rain.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Spring is the season for new beginnings, of hope. I wanted a more positive, springlike network name compared to its predecessor. Think of the sun creeping shifting slowly behind darkened skies after a downpour. Or alternatively, light sprinkling while the sun is up and about. Despite the ups and downs of life, I want to try my best in staying positive.

song i.

You are currently viewing version one of cherish.es initially intended as sakuchi's second version, lol. Shinju, what's up with you and recycling designs?!?! It's not intentional, ok? ;~; After the nth attempt at a second version of s.org – just when I finally had something decent! – it dawned on me that if I'm not completely happy anymore with sakuchi, then perhaps I should succumb to cherish's calling. The colors were even perfect for it! I did (succumbed) and in doing so, I was finally able to let go of sakuchi. Luckily, sakuchi and cherish have the same number of letters that changing the title on the layout wasn't a hassle, lmao. Created in March 2016, the design was finalized in December 2016.

Version one features a lovely illustration by Lidsan. Design was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS5, coded in Sublime Text 2 and is optimized for a minimum 1024 x 576 resolution. Textures are from egg9700, ibelieveinyourdreams, lovelamp and jooterlog while brushes are from angelic-trust.net, fractured-sanity.org, gender, hanako-lovely, samuraiblues, seishido and serene1980. Fonts used across the site are: Open Sans, Parisienne and Playfair Display all of which can be found at Google Fonts. Animated text caption hover on images was made possible by this tutorial using only CSS. Quotes across the site are, you guessed it, snippets of the song, I do (Cherish You).