"I do, cherish you. For the rest of my life, you don't have to think twice. I will, love you still. From the depths of my soul, it's beyond my control."

flower beds.

cherish.es designates gems to its category: sapphires (males), pearls (females) and diamonds (relationships). Are there more? (Yes.) I'm simply fascinated with birthstones/jewelry and I just had to incorporate it somehow with sites.

At this time, majority of the sites listed below are simply fanlistings (a cyberlist of fans of a certain subject) but hopefully with time, they'll have more content.


Below are current project(s) that somehow managed to blossom! They're outdated though but hopefully that will change in the near future.

Where's Asphyxiation? It's currently undergoing a (very) slow revamp and will (finally) relaunch at my upcoming boys' love collective.


Out of all the current fanlistings planted here, below have the highest chances of becoming something more, most especially two of them.

Piece of Heaven
Heart of Sword
Threads of Destiny


It'd be great if I could create shrines for a good amount of my fave characters and ships. Sadlly, I'm as slow as they come, haha. Below are a few that I would love to have up someday. Their actual titles aren't listed - just "descriptions."

  • Diamond under the same skies

  • Pearl diamond in the rough

  • Pearl shine bright

  • Sapphire heaven's a lie